About NCGS Yemen

Our Main Business Facility (HQ)

Head OfficeNCGS carries its central business operations and management through its main business facility (Head Quarter) located in Haddah District - Sana’a – Yemen. NCGS Main Business Facility includes the following key features:
1) Physical Features:
  • A 1320 meters square real estate, owned by NCGS.
  • Large parking lot fitting +10 cars.
  • Three story building including basement.
  • +20 business offices
  • Fire Alarm System with manual fire suppression extinguishers
  • Emergency Exist
  • 24/7/365 on-site security guards.
  • Security Camera Surveillance System
  • Dual Backup Power Generators
2) Corporate Information Communications & Technologies (ICTs):
NCGS management considers ICTs one of its most critical business assets that play a major role in delivering its business services in a highly professional,  organized, and timely manner. According, NCGS has greatly invested in developing and maintenance of its ICTs assets in alignment of its business vision, mission, commitment, goals, scope, requirements, and standards. NCGS ICT Strategic Development Plan (2014-2016) aims to fully automate  all business processes, procedures, and workflow in order to accelerate information and documents access, collection, recordings, updating, analysis, reporting, and distribution among NCGS staff, partners, and clients. Also, ICTs Strategic Development Plan (2014-2016) aims to improve the overall assurance of information & documents availability, integrity, and confidentiality.
NCGS ICT Assets include but not limited to:
  • High speed internet
  • Dynamic Website
  • Email System
  • Financial & Accounting System
  • Service Management System
  • Centralized Storage System (SAN)
  • LAN/WAN Network & Security Equipment
  • +35 Workstations.
  • Central and Standalone UPS equipment.
  • ICT Business Strategy, Polices, and Procedures.
  • Offsite Backup System
3) Records Filling & Archiving Rooms:
Archive RoomArchive Room
NCGS takes great care of customers and services documents. A copy of all business and delivered services documents are properly archived at two large Filling & Archiving rooms. The filling & Archiving rooms are managed by a dedicated staff whose responsibility is to facilitate the process of records & documents filling, archiving, and fast retention. These rooms has dedicated physical security access control as well as automated fire alarm system.