About NCGS Yemen

Our Difference

NCGS differ from the competition in the following aspects:

Our Difference


►  +18 years direct field experience and knowledge.

►  +15,000 service deliveries in last 5 years.

►  Strong financial status and  liquidity.

►  Flawless business performance record and reputation.

►  No direct or indirect affiliations with any political, tribal, or religious parties.

►  Close and long-term  public relations with government and public officials including security authorities and local tribe leaders.

► Turn-Key, flexible, customized, and cost-effective business services.

►  Ability to perform and deliver services during Out-Of-Business hours and holidays in the event of emergency or customer urgency.

►  24/7/365 Emergency Point of Contacts

►  Highly qualified, professional, and multilingual business staff

►  State of Art information management systems and capabilities.

►  Large and diverse pool of local partners network that support delivery of NCGS services nationwide.

►  ISO 9001 2008 Certified Business Operations and Management.