About NCGS Yemen

Our Team

As a service-based company, NCGS recognizes the critical role played by its employees to achieve business objectives, maintain operational excellence, and guarantee highest customer satisfaction. Accordingly, NCGS is investing greatly in the development and sustainability of its employees and work environment.

Our Team

NCGS employs +120 employees with diverse qualifications, skills, and field expertise. NCGS is very keen to employ and maintain a highly skilled, passionate, and professional team  who enjoys working in a highly fast, dynamic, healthy, and rewarding work environment.

For the working environment, NCGS has invested in:

  • Ensuring highly safe, clean, and healthy work environment as per local and international regulations and standards.
  • Ensuring the availability of adequate business tools and resources sufficient to conduct business operations.
  • Applying unbiased, fair, and flexible business management processes and procedures.
  • Allocating complementary “FREE” services like break room, refreshments, and free wireless internet access for personal use during lunch breaks.

For the employees, NCGS provides the following employment benefits:

  • NCGS is an equal rights employer for all Yemeni residence, regardless of birth place, sex, race, color, or religion.
  • Priority hiring for qualified local community residence
  • Exceeding minimum government salary pay ratio.
  • Overtime pay for work conducted during out-of-work schedule hours, weekends, and holidays.
  • Social Security & Medical Insurance
  • Employee Financial loans up to 1000% of monthly salary , especially during employees emergencies faced at home.
  • Employee Financial grants to support our employees with wedding celebrations expenses.
  • Employee Financial grants to fully cover costs of vocational training courses such as English, business management, or computer skills