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Service Overview
After observing, discussing, reviewing, and monitoring the extent of struggle experienced by many customer when trying to mitigate the impact of the frequent and prolonged fuel & power crises, NCGS was compelled as  long-term service partner to attempt easing what has become one of the most significant, hideous, and common struggle among its customers, the struggle of mitigating the impact of the fuel & power crises. With easing customers struggle as its core mission, NCGS has put in a large financial investment toward  extending its business infrastructure to host a highly specialized, professional, and standardized Fuel Station infrastructure. The objective of the new Fuel Station infrastructure is allowing NCGS to offer customers a wide range of new, specialized, multi-tenant, customer-oriented, flexible, cost-effective, and managed Fuel & Fuel Storage services that address the most common challenges faced by customers when pursing any of the mitigation options for the fuel shortage crises.
Based on an extensive market research, NCGS has identified, designed, and produced (7) different services’ packages distributed across two primary fuel service: Fuel Supply Services & Fuel Storage Services. Each Fuel Service Package is targeting a specific set of business objectives, characteristics, and challenges. The (7x) service packages include (2x) service packages that offer both allocation and storage of fuel resources  while the remaining (5x) service packages offer a different flavor of storage only services for customer-allocated fuel resources. 
The Fuel Supply Service is concerned with the procurement and provisioning of a specified amount of fuel resources  by NCGS in advance which is sufficient to cover the customer fuel resources consumption balance across a number of months during the contract period. The customer purchases the provisioned fuel resources for fixed price defined in the contract, regardless of the actual local market pricing rate. Thus, customers mitigate the financial and operational risks associated with extreme fuel shortage crises.  
Service Packages


NCGS Offered Fuel Supply Service include two service packages which customers can choose one or both of them as desired:

Fuel Station Services

Fuel Station Services
Full Fuel Supply Service

We purchase, store, and manage an estimated total amount of fuel resources in advance that is equal to your fuel consumption needs across a number of months where you receive an average amount of fuel every month till you fully consume total amount of fuel resources allocated for you in advance. You pay a fixed price / fuel liter. You must meet average monthly fuel consumption range and must consume total amount of fuel resources within contract period.

Fuel Station Services
Reserve Fuel Supply Service

Reserve fuel resources from our own fuel reserve for you in the event of fuel shortage crises. You pay fixed monthly reservation fees plus fixed price per fuel liter consumed. You don’t have to consume any fuel resources, if it was not needed.