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In Yemen, the recruitment and employment process can be a very cumbersome, frustrating, and time-consuming process, especially for new or existing international organizations. There are many reasons that contribute to this challenge including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Due to high unemployment rate, the number of job applications received for one job vacancy can reach 10,000 applications of which over 80% may not fulfill the minimum requirements for consideration. Accordingly, the process of sorting and screening these job applications becomes a very overwhelming, time-consuming, and costly process that exceed in many cases the available human resources of international organizations for this process.  
  • Due to the continues instability of the political& security situation in Yemen, many international organizations are faced with a great challenge  in regard of managing the safety and benefits of local human resources. In Yemen, many international organization understand that their operations may be disrupted at any point for a long time, +3 months in some cases. Accordingly, many international organizations  are faced with the dilemma of either continue to pay the salaries of their local employees during disruption periods or layoff their employees; which both options come at a great cost to those international organizations.
  • Due to the lack of proper national labor market database, the process of finding qualified labor quickly for one-time projects or seasonal work is very difficult for international organization to allocate and deploy within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Due to lack of proper government information management systems,  the possibility of hiring unqualified or unprofessional labor is very high due to poor background checks including criminal records, employment reference, drugs abuse, and/or legal status.

To further facilitate and support the business operations of its clients, NCGS has launched its own specialized Recruitment & Staffing Services (RSS) which has been designed and positioned to address these challenges as well as offering additional benefits at a competitive cost.

The Recruitment and Staffing Services (RSS) is NCGS’s latest addition to NCGS’s core service portfolio, launched in 2014. NCGS-RES is a full end-to-end world-class recruitment and employment services offered to international businesses and organizations. Whether you are seeking talented local or foreign labor on temporary, temporary-to-hire, or direct- hire bases, NCGS-RSS has the capabilities and resources to provide you with the qualified workforce you are seeking for as long as needed.

Since its launch, NCGS has been building its local workforce labor database for a wide range of workforce expertise such as financial management, accounting, Human Resources, payroll, Information Technology, office administration, translators, secretaries, sales, marketing, nursing, cooks, cleaning, security guards, facility technicians, drivers, …etc. In addition, NCGS-RSS has the ability to recruit any specialized workforce expertise as per the request of our clients.

All of our recruited and delivered workforce go through a rigorous pre-qualifications, screening, and background check process to ensure only talented and professional labor is delivered to our clients. The pre-qualifications process includes both standardized and client-based testing and interviewing processes.