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Service Overview
In Yemen, clearing goods and equipment from customs authorities for entry or re-export is a very ambiguous, cumbersome, frustrating, and time consuming process. Due to the limited working hours, ambiguous clearing process, and in some cases required additional procedures for special shipments, customers risk bearing possible financial  or legal consequences due to delayed goods delivery or improper customs clearance procedures. That is why many international organizations and Oil & Gas companies trust and rely on NCGS-Customs Clearance Services (CSS) to ensure goods are cleared properly, cost-effectively, and in a timely manner.

As the core service of NCGS, NCGS Customs Clearance Services provide all legal and administrative processing tasks necessary to allow for its clients' goods to be imported, exported, or re-exported through Yemen's  air, land, and sea ports. NCSG has +15 years of field experience, qualified staff, and key public relationships which play a major role to complete all types of customs clearance processes for all kinds of goods through any port within an exceptionally small timeframe for a competitive price.