National Transportation Service (NTS)

  • National Transportation Service (NTS)
  • National Transportation Service (NTS)
  • National Transportation Service (NTS)

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Service Overview

Another great challenging task for International Organizations and Oil & Gas companies in Yemen is the process of transporting goods and equipment from national ports to designated destinations and vice versa in safely & timely manner. In Yemen, transporting goods and equipment is a very challenging process due to many obstacles and security threats including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Lack of a national addressing system in Yemen results in difficult process to identify, estimate distance & duration, and track transportation process to desired destination.
  • Limited knowledge of the availability, type, and status of transportation routes  companied with limited accessibility to many rural and remote sites by land, sea, or air results in difficult or improper determination of transporting methods, routes, and equipment to transport the goods safely and in a timely manner
  • Lack of qualified labor in the local market for packing, loading, unloading, securing, and fastening different types of goods and material according to goods’ specific MSDS along with international regulations and standards results in high risk of damage to transported goods.
  • Limited availability and capability of government security services, especially in rural areas and remote sites, makes transported goods along with the transportation equipment and team vulnerable to looting and in some cases kidnapping by road outlaws and/or thieves. In addition, transported goods, equipment, and team is also vulnerable in some cases to financial bribes or illegal harassment  by corrupted government or local tribal security checkpoints, especially in rural areas, remote sites, or in areas with limited government control.


All these obstacles and security threats increases the risk of goods’ damage, theft, and/or delayed delivery to desired destinations in a safely and timely manner. And that is why many international organizations and Oil & Gas companies prefer to transport their goods through  NCGS National Transportation Services.

NCGS National Transportation Services (NTS) offers a turn-key, fast, and reliable means of transportation for all kinds of material through any type of transportation from/to any location in Yemen.



Service Packages


National Transportation Services is offered through several service packages of which customer can choose one or a combonation of any of the following service packages as best fit to customer's business requirements:

Transportation Services

Transportation Services
Open National Transportation

Transport and distribute goods/commodity from customer storage facility to several distribution points

Transportation Services
Port Transportation

Transport good/commodity from one location to another location within air, sea, or land entry ports

Transportation Services
Inland Transportation

Transport good/commodity from any air, sea, or land entry ports to customers storage sites

Transportation Services
Fixed National Transportation

Transport good/commodity from one storage facility to another storage facility